When I visited Murano Island in Italy as a six–year–old, a local glassblower gave me a little, ruby–red glass ball as a present. This ball awakened an interest for glass and glass design in me. I studied design at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. Environmental issues led me to select recycled glass to my main material, of which I made my first products in 1989.

I make my products by hand by cutting and polishing glass bottles that are not refilled in Finland. I decorate my products by sandblasting, but I do not use acid polishing of glass.

In manufacturing my products, I utilise of the original form of the ready–made piece instead of melting the glass. This way, I only use a few per cent of the energy that is required to produce corresponding items by hot working out of virgin materials. For plate glass in my products I cut and polish surplus pieces from a glazier's shop. The tree parts in my products are of alder, finished with linseed oil.

The material for my products comes from the best restaurants in the Helsinki region and through the logistics of Alko.

Our Earth is a limited space. A limited space will not allow unlimited growth. I want to influence the development for my own, small part so that also future generations will have the possibility to wonder at their existence.

As an artist–craftsman, I strive to combine intellect and feelings in a high–quality manner, without making any compromises.

Jukka Isotalo